TUHEP-EX-08-003 New measurement of the K+ => pi+,nu,nu-bar Branching Ratio
  The E949 Collaboration
TUHEP-EX-08-002 Solar neutrino measurements in Super-Kamiokande-II
  Physical Review D78:032002,2008. The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
TUHEP-EX-08-001 Search for Matter-Dependent Atmospheric Neutrino Oscillations in Super-Kamiokande
  Physical Review D77:052001,2008. The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration
TUHEP-EX-07-003 The Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment
  Shaomin Chen, Tenth International Conference on Topics in Astroparticle and Underground Physics(TAUP2007)11-15 September 2007, Sendai, Japan
  Journal of Physics: Conference Series 120(2008)
TUHEP-EX-07-002 Measurement of the K+ to pi+ nu nu-bar Branching Ratio
  Physical Review D77:052003,2008. The E949 Collaboration
TUHEP-EX-07-001 Search for Supernova Neutrino Bursts at Super-Kamiokande
  The Super-Kamiokande Collaboration, Astrophys J. 669 (2007) 519,
TUHEP-EX-06-003 A Precision Measurement of the Neutrino Mixing Angle theta_13 using Reactor Antineutrinos at Daya Bay
  Proposal to DOE(156 pages, 106 figures).
TUHEP-EX-06-002 Search for neutral Q-ball in Super-Kamiokande II
  to be appeared in Physics Letter B.
TUHEP-EX-06-001 A proposal for detecting Supernova Relic Neutrino in Super Kamiokande, prepared for International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space Beijing 19 - 21 April 2006
  to be published in Nucl. Phys. Proc. Suppl.
TUHEP-EX-05-002 Upper Limit on the Branching Ratio for the Decay Pi0 --->Nu Anti-Nu,
  Phys. Rev. D72: 091102, 2005
TUHEP-EX-05-001 Search for the Decay K+ to Pi+ Gamma Gamma in the Pi+ Momentum Region P>213 MeV/c
  Phys. Lett. B623: 192-199, 2005