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Prof. Rolf-Dieter Heuer(Director-General of CERN) and Prof. Felicitas Pauss(Coordinator of External Relations of CERN) visit Tsinghua University
TeV Working Group in China
CCAST-Tsinghua School on Calorimetry for International Linear Collider
2008 Nobel Prize in Physics ( Report from ScienceNet )
The Coming Revolutions in Particle Physics by Prof. Chris Quigg ( English , Chinese )
ILC Physics Summary
Large Hadron Collider (LHC) @ 2008
Overview on IPMU by Hitoshi Murayama
International Linear Collider (ILC)
CCAST Workshop: TeV Physics and LHC
GLD: a large detector concept study for ILC
STAR Muon Detector TDR

Our group meeting will be held by every Thursday afternoon.

高能物理中心10周年系列学术活动(2): 2014年2月27日,美国亚利桑那大学苏淑芳副教授访问清华大学高能物理研究中心, 并在刘卿楼报告厅为工物系和物理系师生作学术报告“探测暗物质:上天,入地,看人间”。 (报告下载)
希格斯粒子发现之后:基础物理学向何处发展——和世界一流物理学家对话 (After the Higgs discovery: where is fundamental physics going ---- Face to face dialogue with world leading physicists)

中国锦屏地下实验室二期(CJPL-II)发展规划物理目标研讨会 2013年11月29日 清华大学 (会议链接)
10月29日至11月2日,华中师范大学谢跃红教授访问清华大学高能物理研究中心,并在工物学术论坛 为工物系师生作学术报告 "Challenges and opportunities in the quark flavor sector". (slides)
October 20-28, 2013, Prof. Dr. Michael Schmelling visited TUHEP and gave a lecture on "Experimental tests of quantum mechanics and advanced methods in data analysis". (slides)
第七届TeV物理工作组研讨会暨邝宇平院士学术思想研讨会(2012.11.12-15) (日程及报告下载 )

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