First WIMP Dark Matter Results from LUX-ZEPLIN (LZ)

Speak: Qing Xia(Chamberlain Fellow)

Time: 2022, Sep 08, 10:00 (Tencent Meeting: 564-8996-4099)

Abstract: The LZ experiment utilizes 7 tonnes of active liquid xenon to search for dark matter at the Sanford Underground Research Facility (SURF) in Lead, South Dakota, USA. It is a low-background, multi-detector experiment centered on a dual-phase time projection chamber, aiming to detect xenon nuclear recoil signals induced by Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). In this seminar, I will present the first results from LZ's search for WIMPs using 60 live days of data. The analysis shows the data is consistent with a background-only hypothesis, and sets the strictest limits so far on WIMP-nucleon cross-sections for WIMP masses above 9 $\mathrm{GeV}/c^2$.


夏清, 劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室博士后(Chamberlain Fellow)。 2014年毕业于南京大学物理系,获学士学位。2014-2020年在耶鲁大学物理系学习,获博士学位。博士期间课题包括计算相干弹性中微子-核散射(CEνNS)的实验结果对标准模型有效场论中高维算符的限制;利用液氙探测器EXO-200探寻原子核的无中微子双β衰变现象以及测量液氙的微观物理参数以便实现更准确的信号模拟等。2020年加入在劳伦斯伯克利国家实验室,参与LUX-ZEPLIN(LZ)暗物质探测实验。目前担任LZ合作组Calibration Coordinator, 负责协调使用多种放射源对探测器进行校准并组织和参与对其实验数据的分析工作,另外也参与寻找WIMP的实验数据里中子本底的测量。与此同时,在LBNL的实验室里我们正在研发进一步减少液氙探测器本底的新技术,为将来的暗物质探测器升级做准备。